The only outcome measure app made
specifically for Rheumatologists

iRheum is a front-end cloud solution for Rheumatologists designed around
the complex evaluation and treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis to create
efficiency in the workflow.

iRheum is the first solution to capture and track all components needed for
outcome measures for RA electronically and automatically.

Provides evidence-based outcomes to treat to a targeted goal.

Start capturing DAS28
without scratch paper
Stop drawing joint
counts on stick figures
Input and track patient
outcomes electronically

Electronic Joint Evaluation

Each touch adds a running total for tender and swollen joints. By adding the ESR or CRP with the PGA gives an updated DAS and SDAI
score on every click. For the first time in the history of Rheumatology, the DAS score is updated in real time with every click of the
screen. All joint counts are now captured and saved electronically for saving or printing.

Document tender and
swollen joints by touch
One screen for both tender
and swollen joints
Each tap recalculates DAS algorithm
for automatic DAS28 calculation
Switch between DAS28, DAS44,
3-variable or 4-variable outcomes
Differentiate between affected
and normal joints visually

iRheum Patient Dashboard

All the information a Rheumatologist needs for an accurate Rheumatoid Arthritis diagnosis is available on one
screen. It's like opening a paper chart and seeing the notes - except these notes were not dictated and prior
patient summaries can be pulled up with one touch.

One screen for all necessary information
Left side: labs and patient reported outcomes
Right side: Rheumatologist assessment
Pop-up boxes and scroll wheels for zero typing
Review prior assessments with a swipe
Prescribe based on evidence based medicine

One page outcomes summary

Every evaluation ends with a outcomes summary that includes all of the important documentation needed for
reimbursement and approval. Paperwork schmakerwork - what will you do with all of the extra time not
spent documenting?

All information needed for prior authorization
Automatically compare DAS score against the biologic dose
Visual representation for anyone to understand disease severity
One page PDF can be sent to:
  • Specialty pharmacy
  • Insurance company
  • Referring physician
  • EMR

Lab Information Reporting eXchange  

No more waiting on faxes from labs! Stop receiving labs on a fax machine, adding up the joint counts from the scrap paper,
adding up the PGA and dropping into a DAS calculator. iRheum does it automatically through the fully integrated lab interface.
Labs come into iLIRX and the DAS score is recalculated in iRheum - automatically producing a new outcome summary.

Electronic ordering of labs
Lab results auto-uploaded into iRheum
ESR and CRP dropped into algorithm for
automatic DAS28 calculation
DAS28 retroactively added to summary
Custom Rheumatology lab ordering screens